Section 24 (C) Local Special Needs Pesticide Labels


We are no longer able to complete the waiver of liability for you. It can be obtained by using the Syngenta website, "". Go to the website and register or sign in if already registered. Under the "products" tab on the toolbar, click on indemnified labels and follow the instructions.

Some pesticides are granted local special needs labels that allow licensed applicators to apply these products to crops that are important to the local area but not covered in the standard label. These labels are sought by Extension Specialists in conjunction with the product manufacturers.

In order for growers to be in compliance with the regulations governing these special needs labels, they are required to acquire a label and fill out a waiver of liability form. The waiver of liability and a copy of the label must be in the possession of the grower at the time of the pesticide application. They must be kept on file for at least two years but must be renewed on an annual basis.

Growers using these materials on crops not listed on the standard label, without a Section 24 (C) Local Special Needs Label and signed form may be liable to severe penalties. In addition, without the forms on file at the manufacturer, the company has no way of knowing of the value of these special needs labels and will have no incentive to continue to go to the effort and expense of procuring their availability.