............Charles E and Lena Maier
......................................................Vegetable Crops Research Award



The Vegetable Growers Association of New Jersey, Inc. is pleased to make available the Charles E. and Lena Maier Vegetable Research Award for 2002. Charlie Maier enjoyed a long life as a grower and participant in the affairs of New Jersey's vegetable industry.
Charlie donated $60,000 to the Rutgers University Foundation establishing an annual award in appreciation of the service they received from Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the NJAES during the many years their family were commercial vegetable growers. Through earnings and additional gifts, the principal of the Fund is now approximately $110,000.

This grant provides an award to the faculty of Cook College, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, who engage in research projects enhancing the commercial vegetable industry of New Jersey.
Priority will be given to proposals for practical research projects:
directly applicable to vegetable production and marketing in NJ;
likely to have near-term impact on the activities of NJ vegetable growers;
that are new and require seed money;
not likely to receive funding from outside sources or NJAES;
that require specific tool or piece of equipment

Award Amount
The VGA anticipates about $5,500 will be available annually. This may be used to support one or more than one award for lesser amounts. The recipient is required to prepare a one page typed 'Summary of Accomplishments' by the end of the award year to be kept on file by the VGANJ and to present their results at the VGANJ Annual Meeting.

The following form must be completed and delivered to Jack Rabin in 327 Martin Hall by November 30th, of the year prior to the award presentation, for forwarding to the VGANJ Research Committee. Awards are made at the VGANJ Annual Meeting.

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Please print out and hand deliver application form to:

Jack Rabin
Office of Research, Cook College
88 Lipman Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525

John Formisano
Grower and Chairman
VGANJ Research Committee Jack Rabin
Assistant Director, NJAES